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The parish offers many opportunities for anyone to give some of their time and talents. Everyone of course has competing demands and concerns to meet, but we hope that most parishioners, and some others as well, will enjoy the satisfaction of giving in this way, at least occasionally or for a limited period.

Our volunteers join us for many reasons: to support something worthwhile, to pursue an interest, or to learn new skills. But they all enjoy being part of our community and among supportive friends.

  • Heritage help ranges from building cleaning and maintenance to parish history research and leading church tours.
  • Varied administrative talents can be used and developed, for example: website maintenance, Gift Aid promotion, and parishioner registration. 
  • Church services need various ministers to serve on the sanctuary, but also volunteers to make preparations beforehand and to support the congregation.
  • Some parishioners support the growth in faith of their fellow parishioners and of members of the wider community as, for example, catechists and shop assistants.
  • Many parishioners wish to sustain the contribution made by their own cultural tradition by joining one of the national community groups.

If you are interested in undertaking any of these roles for a while, please complete and return a household details form (see Downloads or the leaflet stand in the church foyer).

All volunteer roles need to be undertaken in cooperation with the relevant coordinator. Some require prior training or testing. A few demand vetting by the Disclosure and Barring Service, because vulnerable individuals may be involved.

Heritage help

Heritage Group members aim to ensure that the heritage and history of the church and parish is widely appreciated and regularly celebrated.  


Administration help

Using and developing a range of administrative talents for the benefit of the parish.


Buildings help

The parish is responsible for a substantial group of heavily used buildings, built mainly between the 1840s and 1890s.…


Church Services help

Parishioners who regularly attend Mass at St Peter's are encouraged to join one or more of the teams who help to prepare…


Christian growth help

If you are interested in helping to build up the parish in any of these ways, please introduce your self to one of the…



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