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The church is open on most days from 9am to 1.30pm. Please check What’s On for the day of your visit to see if there are any events that you may wish to join, or that may hinder your plans.

Visiting to enjoy our buildings and heritage

We are always pleased to have visitors enjoying our buildings and heritage.

For individuals intending to have to have a self-guided tour, the best times to come are mornings between 10.15am and 12.15am, Monday to Friday, and between 9 and 11am on Saturday. But please check What’s On in case there are special events such as weddings or funerals that could limit your viewing.

For groups, we are very happy to arrange a tour with one of our volunteer guides. Please contact us to arrange a morning or afternoon appointment and to discuss any particular interests and needs. School groups may find stimulating material for art, architecture, and history.

If there is a Mass in progress, we ask visitors not to come through the doors from the foyer into the main body of the church. Visitors may view the church interior through the glass doors, pick up leaflet guides, enjoy the current exhibition in the foyer, and read the information panel in the adjoining Lourdes Room about Pugin’s steeple.

During weekday mornings, outside the Mass times, there may be other devotions in progress. Individual visitors are welcome to enter quietly at these times, and use the side aisles for a closer view.


We make every attempt to make our buildings accessible to all where possible but we are restricted a little by the age…


How to find us

Our Church is easy to reach in Woolwich town centre.


Contact us

Get in touch with us through email, phone or visit us.