Roof and stonework renewal

Plaster breaking from south nave ceiling in 2014 required netting to protect congregation
Example of church roof and stonework problems 2015
Defective drainage damaging brickwork 2015
Scaffolding for plaster survey April 2016
Surveying sacristy masonry May 2016 with visitors from Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic England
Sanctuary stripped for works to start, June 2017
First scaffolding brought inside church, June 2017
First scaffolding erected outside church, June 2017
The lower hall of the Parish Centre arranged for weekday Masses - windows decorated by Fr Graziano
Waiting for Brookhill site to be cleared by Council, June 2017, for scaffolding on sacristy wall
Brookhill site cleared ready for scaffolding, July  2017
Scaffolding and hoardings on Woolwich New Road frontage, July 2017
Access for repairing nave ceiling
Delivery of Penrhyn slates
Slating in progress on nave south roof, Sept 2017
New slates completed on nave south roof, contrast with old on aisle roof below, Oct 2017
Delivery of prepared new stone, Oct 2017
New stone being fitted by mason at east end
One of the new crosses delivered, Nov 2017
First new cross installed, at west end of Lady Chapel, Nov 2017
Cross installed on new stonework at east end of church, Dec 2017
New slates completed on north roof, Dec 2017
Ceiling plaster renewed and repainted, and clear of scaffolding in time for Christmas
Removal of scaffolding from east end shows new stonework and window guard
Scaffolding removed, final phase is new drains in courtyard to take water diverted from valley gutter above cloister passage, Feb 2018
Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, and to National Lottery players, for their £250,000 contribution to this £800,000 project.