Bishop's visitation

A lengthy report prepared for the visitation of the bishop of Southwark gives details about the state of the parish at that time.

There were 4000 Catholics in the town and the Sunday Mass timings were 7, 8, 9.30 and 11 am. The 9.30 am Mass was attended by the soldiers and the army Catholic chaplain was the celebrant.

Some people paid for their seat in church. All the seats in the nave were available to be let for an annual fee. There were 4 rows at £1 a year and the rear rows were at 15 or 10 shillings. The aisle seats were free.

Fr Cotter reckoned to collect around £142 per annum from the seat lettings and £360 from the collections – which were made as the congregation entered the church.  These sums compare with collections of approx. £44,000 in 2018.