Appeal for school funds

An appeal is published stating: “The Mission is poor and barely supports the Church. The entire cost of the schools was £2,500. They were opened last year and are crowded, though each of the rooms measure 54 feet by 26 feet”. Bishop Grant, endorsing this printed appeal, says “After the erection of the Church in Woolwich, a site was obtained for the schools which have since been erected and are well attended. A grant was obtained from the Privy Council, and sums were collected towards the payment of the debt contracted on account of the schools, but a sum of about £800 still remains due upon them.”

Death of Fr Coles

10 November

Fr Cornelius Coles died at the early age of 46 in the house of Miss Mary Fogarty, 16 Upper Market Street, and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery next to Fr Staples.

Fr Jeremiah Cotter immediately succeeded Fr Coles and thus was the sixth priest given the care of Woolwich, and the second Missionary Rector of St Peter’s.